Water Damage: What Are the Top Causes?

June 24, 2022 | Uncategorized
causes of water damage

Water damage represents one of the biggest threats to a home’s longevity and structural integrity. What makes it even more dangerous is that hidden leaks can start without homeowners even knowing it, with the damage mounting one drip at a time. The repair and renovation costs can be enormous. By understanding the common causes of water damage, homeowners and business owners can take steps to protect themselves from water damage to their residences and offices.

Extreme Weather

Storms don’t have to climb to the level of a hurricane to take a toll on a house or commercial building. Heavy rains can overwhelm even the most well-constructed roof. As roofs age, they can become even more vulnerable through undetectable cracks or gaps. Strong rains are often accompanied by strong winds, and the two factors together can cause significant water damage problems for homeowners.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are integral to treating household solid waste. If a septic system overflows, it can produce another area of vulnerability for water damage in a home. This can sometimes happen from excessive rain. However, if a septic system has defects or the installation was done poorly, homeowners can experience water damage. An overflowing septic tank can cause serious issues for your household and may require extensive cleaning and repairs.

Clogged Gutters

The inescapable elements of nature can also create water damage. Falling leaves, especially in autumn, can create clogs in gutters that prevent water from draining as the system intended. As the phrase goes, water finds its level. So as the water rises in the gutters, it seeks nooks, crannies, and cracks until it has nowhere else to go. As water collects, it begins to rot wood and other materials in the home.

Human Error

Unlikely as it may seem, one of the causes of water damage relates to simple forgetfulness or human error. Sometimes homeowners get distracted when filling kitchen sinks, bathtubs, or other receptacles, and they overflow. Depending on how much water escapes, this can damage floors and ruin carpets. If left too long, the damage can also lead to mold.

Frozen Pipes/Weakened Gutters

Winter weather can also lead to water damage. When bitterly cold temperatures cause pipes to freeze, the pipes expand and can split, requiring expensive plumbing repairs. Ice buildup on gutters is also a common cause of water damage. The weight of the ice can cause the gutters to separate from the house, displace shingles, or cause cracks at the roofline.

An estimated one of every five insurance claims in 2020 was related to an incidence of water damage. Given the frequency, vigilance is vital in preventing significant out-of-pocket expenses for costly repairs to roofs, gutters, basements, floors, and other parts of houses and businesses. It’s challenging to stay ahead of the problem since water damage can occur slowly in ways that you might not notice. If you need help with a restoration project, call or contact Steamatic online for a project estimate.