Veterans Day

Former Marine Captain, John McNamara is the franchise owner of Steamatic of Twin Cities in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Captain John McNamara, Naval Academy 1999

Steamatic is proud to have a veteran such as Captain McNamara be apart of its family.

Why Steamatic Captain McNamara?

“I liked the history behind Steamatic. And of course, when I saw the colors Red, White, and Blue, I knew purchasing a franchise with Steamatic was the right move.”

Captain John McNamara served in the armed forces of the U.S. Marine Corps. He left active duty in 2006 after serving for seven years. Captain McNamara is originally from Havelock, North Carolina, although, his father also served in the military and traveled every two or so years growing up. In fact, while living in Texas for about five years, Captain McNamara went to high school located right next to the Steamatic in Fort Worth! Straight out of high school, Captain McNamara followed in his father’s footsteps by attending the Naval Academy in 1999 to become a Marine. Growing up he was not sure about serving in the military despite his mother’s pursuit to keep him out of harm’s way. Because of his patriotism he felt that serving the United States armed forces was the best fulfillment of life at that age.

After seven years of service, Captain McNamara went back to school in Virginia before moving to where he resides now in Minneapolis. “Once I had committed, I believed that serving in the Marine Corps was not only a good use of time and beneficial, but also gave purpose to my life.” Captain McNamara said, “Moving forward with life, I feel accomplished and look back with pride; I have no regrets.”

Captain McNamara appreciates contributing to something meaningful which is why when he decided to consider purchasing a franchise, Steamatic was the top contributor.

“Honor, courage, and commitment,” the Marine Corps’ Ethos, “I still live by these terms daily and working with a company that I feel is also applicable in working with people is important to me.”

Captain McNamara feels that putting in hard work in order to help others is what generally started his drive for this particular type of career following the Marines.

What brought you to purchase a franchise Captain?

In not fully knowing each subject matter (water, fire, mold) he liked the idea of having access to approved business models. “Having a close resource to reach out for help and support was what we needed as a way to provide ­unmatchable service to customers and increase in revenue when purchasing a franchise of Steamatic.”

Captain McNamara stated he appreciates the assurance in not being alone with Steamatic, having the ability to serve others.

Before leaving active duty, Captain McNamara was able to travel around the world. His most memorable locations while serving was between Southeast Asia, Afghanistan and Iraq. “Those times were the most impactful of my career.”

Speaking with Captain McNamara was an honor. On this day Marines celebrate by taking a step back, reengaging and remembering the good times serving together for the United States of America.